Do it yourself:

If you would like to do it yourself, please let us help you with your candy selections.  We can, in most circumstances, source all your candy selections at a better cost than any online retailer and we'll save you the shipping charges.

Why chose us over your venue or a do it yourself table:

It's true!  I try to discourage a bride a party host from doing their own table.  Why?  Because I know the hours involved in planning a beautiful table.  That is time you can be spending with family and out of town guests or just using it to tackle all the other last minute jobs you have.  And, having missed many a friend's wedding putting up their candy table, I can assure you that your friends and loved ones would rather be enjoying your day than spending hours setting up a buffet.  

We also customize your buffet to not only your color scheme, but to your individual tastes and theme.  We do not have a cookie cutter display that we use for every table.  Each table is designed for each customer.  It is laid out at the store prior to your event and all decorations are made or sourced personally for your table.  In addition, all chocolates are made fresh hours before your event.  You never have to worry about damage or loss in shipment or spoilage.  

You can choose chocolate flavors and designs to meet your needs as we make our chocolates right at our East Longmeadow Store.  

One final thought.  When you add up the cost of candy, jars, platters and decorations, at the end of the day, a professional candy buffet from Maureen's Sweet Shoppe will be comparable to a DIY table.

How to begin:

It's as easy as setting up an appointment for a consultation.  When you come to meet with our friendly staff, please:

- Bring a list of your favorite candies

- Tell us your ideas for your buffet

-Help us establish a budget for your      buffet

A beautifully designed candy buffet will leave your guests raving about your event for years to come.

Each candy buffet is specifically designed for each event so that we may incorporate all the special details you are looking for.  No two will ever be the same.

Whether you are getting married, having a party or hosting a corporate event/outing, candy buffets will make your event special for everyone who attends.